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Mark Krueger's 2022 Land and New Home Forecast

The 2022 Forecast and Beyond event hosted by the Builders Association and CCIM of Northern Nevada was back at the Atlantis and it was so nice speak in person this year! 2021 was a big year for land sales as home prices and building costs hit an all-time high. Conditions should be similar for the balance of 2022. 2023 and beyond is impossible to predict!

Click on the image below to download Mark’s Land and New Home Forecast presentation. Please stay tuned for the 2021 Land and New Home Forecast Report available in March that will summarize this presentation.

This year's forecast video is a special shoutout to our homebuilders for fighting through the pandemic, supply chain issues and labor shortages to deliver new homes to our market! Call us to stake your claim in the Northern Nevada land market because they ain't makin any more of it! ENJOY!


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