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Shannon Vance-Brunelli Joins ArchCrest Commercial Partners

ArchCrest Commercial Partners, an independent powerhouse commercial real estate firm in northern Nevada specializing in the sales and leasing of land and commercial properties, is pleased to announce that Shannon Vance-Brunelli has joined the firm as an associate. Shannon will be specializing in the leasing and sale of commercial properties in northern Nevada.

“We are very excited to have Shannon join the ArchCrest family. With her experience and history, she brings a unique outlook to typical Commercial real estate leasing and sales that will be invaluable to her clients” said Kevin Annis, ArchCrest Commercial Partners Broker and Principal.

Shannon Vance-Brunelli made her way to Reno from Los Angeles in 1995 after receiving a full-ride volleyball scholarship to the University of Nevada, Reno. Go Pack! Shannon received her Bachelors degree in health science and continued to receive her Bachelors in nursing as well. After working for a couple years as a registered nurse, her passion for education pushed her to pursue her Masters degree in nursing from the University of San Diego. Shannon opened her own medical supplies and devices company after working as a nurse practitioner for 8 years in the field of spinal surgery. Now that Shannon has clearly tackled the medical industry, she is diving into the field of real estate.

When not on the job, Shannon enjoys camping, traveling, playing games, and cycling with her beautiful daughters, Abby and Kenyan, and her husband Tony!


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